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Commercial & Industrial Battery Storage

Commercial and industrial battery storage systems are also an important part of the renewable energy transition. With rising electricity rates and uncontrollable outages, it has become a burning issue to reduce operating costs for businesses, and for this reason, BSLBATT has also introduced our ESS battery solutions for commercial and industrial use.

C & I Solar Battery Storage

The BSLBATT ESS battery solution is suitable for isolated islands, communities and businesses and industries, helping them to get away from the noise and pollution of diesel generators, combining solar energy and energy storage batteries to bring stable green and sustainable power.

What is a commercial and industrial energy storage system?

The concept of energy storage is divided into two types: home household energy storage and commercial and industrial energy storage. Both commercial and industrial energy storage systems and energy storage power plant systems include battery systems + BMS, PCS, EMS, transformers, racks, connecting cables, sink cabinets, lightning protection, grounding systems, monitoring and alarm systems, etc. The plans are modularly designed with flexible configurations of system voltage and capacity.

Application scenarios

for energy storage batteries

Using energy storage lithium battery + solar energy


Reduce energy costs by limiting electricity demand peaks

Load shifting

Shift your energy consumption to off-peak hours

Maximize own consumption

Maximize consumption of renewable production

Backup power

Limit power interruptions due to outages or power drops

Grid flexibility services

complementary revenue through grid stabilization services

Charging station infrastructure

ensure greater use of self-generation by electric vehicles, thus reducing costs

complementary revenue through grid stabilization services