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Stationary Battery Storage
For Renewable Energies

Bringing a better energy future with lithium-ion energy storage batteries.

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Renewable + Battery Energy Storage

By working with our partners, we offer complete renewable energy + storage solutions on a turnkey basis. These solutions feature BSLBATT’s custom-engineered Electric Energy Storage Systems (ESS) along with best-in-class renewable energy generation assets. Our integrated solutions reduce energy costs while providing customers with clean and reliable power.

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Residential Battery Storage


C & I Battery Storage

The role of lithium battery energy storage
in the Electricity system

Whether you choose the residential or commercial line, you’re sure to be impressed by the superior quality and performance of our storage systems.


What can ESS Battery do for you?

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Increase Self-consumption

If you have renewable energy installations, investing in energy storage will increase your renewable energy utilization, increase your energy self-sufficiency to 80%, and reduce your electricity bill and eliminate rising energy costs.


Peak Shaving

Power peaks push up electricity bills, and households or businesses use energy storage to store energy during off-peak periods and release it during peak periods in order to avoid growing electricity bills. BSLBATT ESS batteries reduce electricity costs by partially replacing expensive peak power.


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Backup Power Supply

Many companies use diesel emergency generators for back-up, but they incur high fuel and maintenance costs, and produce noise and emissions. In contrast, the BSLBATT ESS battery provides clean, reliable emergency power and helps to significantly reduce operating costs and keep critical loads up and running.


Improve Power Quality

Fluctuations in power supply voltage are inevitable, which also affect the public grid. BSLBATT battery storage system reduce harmonic distortion in the distribution system, help regulate active power and achieve reactive power control effectively, and provide smooth voltage waveforms for users.


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No grid? Don’t worry, you can rely on our batteries. bslbatt battery energy storage can be used in locations away from the utility grid, such as mountain huts, islands, and mountaintops. Energy combined with renewable energy is more environmentally friendly.


Custom lithium batteries for your special model? Hand it over to us!

Didn’t find your model in our application area? No problem, BSLBATT is a professional lithium battery manufacturer and our engineers have the ability to build custom exclusive lithium batteries for you and ensure your vehicle runs perfectly!