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Lithium ion Deep Cycle Battery

BSLBATT is a national lithium battery manufacturing technology company providing lithium deep cycle battery solutions and products to users worldwide. Our LiFePO4 batteries have various advantages such as high energy density, high volumetric energy ratio, wide temperature range, support high rate discharge, longer cycle life, and more safety.

Best Lithium Battery Product

Deep cycle batteries are judged by the depth of discharge (DOD). BSLBATT batteries use the highest quality LiFePO4 cells, which ensure that the depth of discharge of the battery can reach 80% or more, and there is no significant impact on the life of the battery itself.

Why Choose BSLBATT Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer?

We are a proven leader in lithium-ion battery manufacturing and pride ourselves on our superior customer service, providing you with the best lithium-ion battery products for golf carts, boats, RVs, vans and off-grid industrial applications Stability, longevity and safety are paramount.

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Application of lithium deep cycle batteries

BSLBATT is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, marketing and customer service of lithium-ion batteries. The products are widely used in industrial electric forklifts and sweepers, golf carts and other electric vehicles, off-grid energy storage systems for solar or wind energy, marine applications, trolling motors for recreational fishing boats, etc.

Special customization?

With over 20 years of experience in battery manufacturing and over 500 successful custom cases, BSLBATT offers you a one-stop deep cycle lithium battery solution to meet your various applications and needs!

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To deliver the most exciting and innovative solutions to stored energy customers through the development of highly collaborative and entrusted partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Difference of Lithium

Explore the Benefits of Lithium Batteries


High Energy Density Ratio

Tier One, A+ LiFePo4 Cell Composition, high energy density.


Long Service Life

Extremely long reliability life


High & Stable Voltage

Nominal voltage is 3.2V and operating voltage is stable


Low Self-discharge Rate

Less than 1% after one year storage at +20 ℃


Environmentally Friendly

No damage to the environment in the process of use, energy saving and emission reduction


Maintenance Free

No need to refill the battery regularly, no maintenance cost


Charging - Fast & Safe

Charge and discharge rate can reach 1C or 2C


More Available Capacity

25-50% more capacity than lead-acid equivalent.


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Providing ultra-reliable and ultra-safe lithium battery solutions and products to users worldwide

lifepo4 deep cycle battery

Frequently Asked Questions

The main components of lithium-ion battery are: upper and lower battery cover, positive electrode sheet (the active substance is lithium cobalt oxide), diaphragm (a special composite film), negative electrode (the active substance is carbon), organic electrolyte, battery shell (divided into two types of steel shell and aluminum shell), etc.

Charging method of LiFePO4 deep cycle battery:

Constant current and constant voltage charging: The battery is first charged at constant current (CC), and when the battery voltage rises to a certain value, the voltage remains constant (CV) and the current in the circuit drops to very little and eventually tends to 0.

Discharge efficiency is the ratio of the actual power discharged to the end voltage to the rated capacity under certain discharge conditions, which is mainly affected by the discharge rate, ambient temperature, internal resistance, etc. Generally, the higher the discharge rate, the lower the discharge efficiency. The lower the temperature, the lower the discharge efficiency.

We have passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental protection system certification; our products are CE certified by EU and UL certified by North America, passed SGS environmental protection test, and have obtained Ovonic’s patent license; meanwhile, our products have been insured by PICC worldwide.

01) Charging.

When choosing a charger, it is best to use a charger with the correct termination charging device (such as anti-overcharge time device, negative voltage difference (-dV) cut off charging and anti-overheating induction device) to avoid shortening the life of the battery due to overcharging. In general, slow charging than fast charging to extend the life of the battery.

02) Discharge.

a. The depth of discharge is the main factor affecting the battery life, the higher the depth of discharge, the shorter the life of the battery. In other words, as long as the depth of discharge is reduced, the life of the battery can be significantly extended. Therefore, we should avoid over-discharging the battery to a very low voltage.

b. When the battery is discharged at high temperature, it will shorten the life of the battery.

c. If the design of electronic devices can not completely stop all the current, if the device is left unused for a long time, without taking out the battery, the residual current will sometimes make the battery overconsumption, resulting in battery over-discharge.

d. Mixing batteries of different capacities, chemical structures or different charging levels, as well as old and new batteries, can also cause excessive battery discharge, or even reverse charging.

03) Storage.

If the battery is stored at high temperature for a long time, the electrode activity will decay and shorten its service life.