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Lithium Battery for AGV & AMR

Batteries are the core of applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGV) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR), after our many product upgrades, BSLBATT can now provide lithium batteries with longer life, higher energy density and faster charging time Helping automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) move materials and products more efficiently and safely.


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Reliable and Efficient Batteries
are Important for AGVs and AMRs

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are types of robotic systems that can navigate and move independently within a facility or warehouse. AGVs and AMRs are commonly used in various industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail, to automate material handling, transportation, and other repetitive tasks.

Reliable and efficient power sources are critical for the effective operation of AGVs and AMRs. These robotic systems rely on continuous and consistent power to navigate and move within a facility or warehouse. Any disruption or failure in the power source can result in downtime, which can lead to delays in production, lower efficiency, and increased costs. In addition, the design requirement of AGV and AMR is to work for a long time, so solving frequent charging or battery replacement is the core problem.

Efficient power sources such as BSLBATT lithium batteries, which have a high energy density, fast charging times, and longer lifespan, can help increase the uptime of AGVs and AMRs while reducing operating costs. By choosing reliable and efficient power sources such as lithium batteries, companies can ensure that their AGVs and AMRs perform at their best, improving productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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We have 15 engineers with over 10 years of experience in the lithium battery industry and can help you solve any golf lithium battery problem!

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What can lithium do for AGVs and AMRs?

Many companies have successfully implemented lithium batteries in their AGVs and AMRs, such as Amazon, DHL, and Walmart. By switching to lithium batteries, these companies have seen significant improvements in their operations, such as increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and lower operating costs. BSLBATT’s lithium battery solutions can help companies achieve these benefits and improve their AGV and AMR operations.

What Makes BSLBATT
Lithium Batteries Stand Out

Our lithium batteries are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability and safety.

Over 20 years of Battery Experience

Since 2002, we have been deeply involved in the battery industry, from lead-acid to lithium, and we are committed to providing the best solutions.

Over 15 Engineers in R&D Team

BSLBATT Technology Center covers ID design, electronics, mechanism, software, electrochemistry, power supply, process, measurement and control, signal processing, etc.

Over 200 Successful Cases

BSLBATT custom lithium battery packs are widely used in energy storage, material handling, marine, RV, industrial equipment, golf carts and many other fields.

Multiple security certifications

Our batteries are designed for high performance, reliability and safety and comply with a wide range of international safety standards such as UL, CEC, IEC, CE, UN38.3, etc.

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You provide the design and we generally will give you a solution in a week’s time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charging time for lithium batteries used in AGVs and AMRs?

The charging time for lithium batteries used in AGVs and AMRs varies depending on the battery capacity, charging method and other factors. However, lithium batteries typically take 1-2 hours to recharge, which helps reduce downtime and increase productivity.

What is the energy density of lithium batteries compared to other battery types used in AGVs and AMRs?

Lithium batteries have a higher energy density than many other battery types used in AGVs and AMRs. LiFePO4 typically have an energy density of 100 kg/Wh, which means they can store more energy in a smaller and lighter package.

What is the cost of lithium batteries compared to other battery types for AGVs and AMRs?

The cost of lithium batteries for AGVs and AMRs varies depending on battery capacity and other factors. However, in general, lithium batteries are more expensive than traditional battery types. However, the benefits of improved performance and extended life can help offset the initial cost.

How do I ensure that my LiPo batteries are properly maintained and cared for?

Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries require very little maintenance, but to better extend the life of your batteries, you can follow our recommendations on battery care and maintenance and check them regularly to ensure proper operation.

What safety features are included in the lithium batteries for AGVs and AMRs?

Li-ion batteries for AGVs and AMRs are equipped with a BMS board, which typically includes safety features such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and short circuit protection. These features help prevent battery damage and ensure safe operation.

How can I ensure that lithium batteries are safe to use in my AGV and AMR?

To ensure the safe operation of lithium batteries in AGVs and AMRs, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for charging, storage and handling. In addition, proper training should be provided to operators and maintenance personnel.

Can BSLBATT lithium batteries be customized to fit the specific requirements of my AGV or AMR application?

Yes, BSLBATT LiPo batteries can be customized to fit the specific requirements of each AGV or AMR application. Propose a requirement - Engineer evaluates - Provide a design - Produce a prototype - Sample test - Mass production.

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