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Reduce energy costs for your business

Commercial battery storage 100kWh ESS-GRID B105 is a high voltage battery system for indoor scenarios, with a total voltage of 512 V. The ESS-GRID B105 also supports parallel connection, so you can choose 1-10 systems for expansion to meet the needs of different capacities of energy storage and power backup.

The intelligent high voltage box acts as a BMS, monitoring each battery module to prevent overcharging, over-discharging and over-temperature threats, and is compatible with a wide range of high voltage three-phase or single-phase inverters to achieve peak shaving and valley filling, reduce energy costs, and increase the utilization rate of the photovoltaic system.

Product Specification

Series and parallel 160S1P
Rated capacity 205Ah
Rated voltage DC512V
Operating voltage range 400V~584V
Operating voltage range 448V~560V
Rated capacity 104.9kWh
Rated charge current 205A
Rated discharge current 205A
Peak current 410A(25C,SOC50%,10S)
Ip grade IP20
discharge temp. -20C~55C
Charge temp. 0C~45C
Size 1012mm*720mm*1943mm
Structure 10 batteries + a high-voltage control box

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ESS-GRID Datasheet & Manual

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512V 205Ah | 105kWh Battery

100kWh Commercial Battery Storage System

ESS-GRID series is BSLBATT’s self-developed and manufactured pure battery system for commercial and industrial solar energy storage. The 100kWh battery system consists of 10 series-connected LiFePO4 51.2V 205Ah batteries controlled by a high voltage box, and it can be used in conjunction with a power conversion system (PCS) and an integrated PV storage inverter.

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