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Lithium ion Golf Cart Batteries

BSLBATT lithium batteries are designed to meet the power and energy needs of all types of golf carts, utility vehicles, AGVs and LSVs , ready to upgrade your golf cart to a lithium battery?

lithium ion golf cart batteries

Best Lithium Golf Cart Battery

BSLBATT Lithium Golf Cart Batteries provide golf cart owners consistent reliable power from sun up to sun down and with a 75% reduction in weight, your cart will perform much better and faster. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs.


5X faster charging

BSLBATT lithium golf battery is fully charged in 2-3 hours compared to 8-10 hours for conventional lead-acid batteries

lasting 4x longer

The BSLBATT lithium battery allows your golf cart or electric cart to run twice as long and has 4 times the range

0X maintenance cost

While lead-acid batteries need to be refilled with acid from time to time, switching to lithium batteries means you no longer need to maintain your golf cart batteries.

3x - 5x service life

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries can be charged for an average of 3,000 to 5,000 cycles over their lifetime, while lead-acid batteries average only 1,000 total cycles.

lithium golf battery
The Power of Lithium

Choose from these popular Golf Cart brands

BSLBATT lithium golf cart battery manufacturer offers quality solutions for 36V, 48V or 72V golf cart configurations for EZ Go, Club Car, Yamaha and other brands.

ezgo lithium battery replacement

BSLBATT lithium golf battery

Golf carts are one of the many vehicles that benefit from lithium-ion golf cart batteries. We have the expertise and experience to master lithium iron phosphate technology and help you revolutionize the golf cart industry! We carry a full line of lithium batteries to power golf carts, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, UTVs, ATVs, etc. BSLBATT offers a simple, plug-and-play LiFeP04 battery solution for golf carts, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, UTVs, ATVs that is far superior to lead-acid batteries. This gives you lighter weight, more power and zero maintenance!

BSLBATT Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Give golf cart owners consistent, reliable power from sunset to sunset, with 75% less weight, and your cart will perform better and faster. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear and tear, and lower maintenance costs.

Choosing the suitable lithium battery
for your golf cart

Want to use just one golf cart battery, or use several in parallel? We’ll point you in the right direction and help you maximize your cart’s potential.