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Commercial / Industrial
Battery Energy Storage System

is the ideal solution for reducing energy costs in commercial, industrial, and agricultural operations, and an important asset to optimize power generation, transmission, and distribution operations.

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energy storage solutions

BSLBATT is a supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries, microgrid energy, large-scale battery storage, grid-scale energy storage, high voltage energy storage batteries and energy storage solutions.

Our products and solutions are recognized and welcomed by customers around the world. Our targets are focused on the following markets: industrial/commercial energy storage systems, communications/data center energy storage, transportation/utility energy storage, and large/medium/small backup power systems.

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ESS-GRID Commercial Solar Batteries Bank

BSLBATT commercial solar battery integration system is a system with a LiFePO4 battery cluster as the basic unit, there are currently three different capacity options of 68kWh / 105kWh / 157kWh, based on three different battery packs with capacities of 134Ah / 205Ah / 280Ah respectively.

Its major function is to provide an energy storage battery integration scheme for microgrid systems and can be used together with an energy storage systems and PV system to realize different functions, such as upload shifting, output smoothing, peak shaving and frequency modulation, and weak grid optical storage system, etc.

Special Bidirectional Converters SPCS

Special Bidirectional Converter (SPCS) is a bidirectional energy storage converter developed by the company for the independent weak micro-grid field.

The product can be used with energy storage system for grid-connected operation to realize AC-DC conversion; it can also be operated independently off-grid with load to directly supply AC load with high reliability. The products are widely used in electric power system, rail transportation, military industry, petroleum machinery and other fields.



PowerBridge consists of static switchgear (STS) and dynamic switchgear (ATS) and is mainly used for intelligent power protection of critical loads.

When the utility power fails to outage, the product can be used to seamlessly switch (≤20ms of induction-free switching time) to the backup power (microgrid) to achieve uninterrupted power supply.

When the load current does not exceed 150% of the rated current, the product can be used for a short period of time (≤1min) to continuously run with load to prevent power outages caused by brief load shocks, thus realizing uninterrupted power supply.

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Whether it’s on-grid or off-grid, combined with renewable or conventional energy sources, a way to increase self-consumption, for peak load shaving, as a backup in power failures or for a cost-optimised charging station infrastructure: our broad portfolio of innovative, high-performance energy storage systems offers a whole host of potential applications for varied wide range of sectors. All our solutions prioritise high levels of economic efficiency, safety, and a long service life.