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20 kWh Battery

Owning a big house, the BSLBATT® 20kWh battery is exactly the energy storage solution for large families with a large house. Only one battery can solve all your power needs without too many parallel connections. The wheel design enhances the flexibility of battery installation, and the modular design allows easy access to your PV system.

20 kWh Lithium ion Battery

The BSLBATT 20 kWh battery bank uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for high-consumption residential buildings as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Working with BSLBATT, you can design and customize the right lithium solar battery to meet your needs.

Manufacturing Technology

BSLBATT has over 20 years of manufacturing experience, so we make what kind of manufacturing technology is more beneficial to increase the life and performance of the battery, please see the comparison of our UL standard battery module and other brands.

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10kwh lithium battery
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Factory Display

BSLBATT has a manufacturing base of over 10,000 square meters in Guangdong, China, including two semi-automated and two fully-automated facilities, with a daily capacity of 300-500 sets of batteries, allowing for fast delivery to our customers!

Exhibition Events

We look forward to meeting you at the show and discussing the latest solutions for energy storage.

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10kw lithium ion battery price
10kw lithium battery
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