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lithium ion solar battery
For Energy Storage

Lithium-ion solar batteries are rechargeable power storage solutions that can be combined with solar energy systems in order to store surplus solar energy. Lithium solar batteries require little space yet store significant amounts of power, making them an excellent choice for storing energy at home. New technologies such as lithium ion solar batteries are making it possible to power homes 24 hours a day with solar power.

best lithium battery for solar

BSLBATT lithium solar batteries with Tier One, A+ BYD / CATL lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) Cell Composition have the advantages of longer life, wider temperature range, true deep cycling and safety over traditional lead-acid batteries.

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Benefits of Lithium-ion Solar battery bank

Since the launch of BSLBATT energy storage products, we have always adhered to customer needs as the starting point, adhere to scientific and rigorous engineering methods, grasped the industry’s cutting-edge technology, and persistently committed to providing customers with safer, better quality, and more perfect lithium ion solar battery products.

Safe & reliable

Pass the safety test of quality center and authoritative laboratory, and all kinds of products have passed the standard certification (ISO9001, UN38.3, CE, UL, BIS, etc.)

Intelligent BMS

With intelligent management system, with Various protection, energy balance, battery status detection, remaining power estimation, remaining charging time estimation, GPS/GPRS, APP control, remote control, intelligent anti-theft function


The single battery can achieve the maximum 4C charge/discharge rate; the group battery can achieve 2C charge/discharge rate, and the battery system can work stably under -20~60°C environment.

Environmentally friendly

In line with the green development concept of green environmental protection and benefit to mankind, all accessories of the products can be recycled and are in line with European ROHS standard

Why LiFePO4 is the best solar battery?

Principal Components LiFePO4 LiMn2O4 LiMnO2 LiCoO2 LiNiO2 LiNiCoMnO2
Theoretical energy density (mAh/g) 170 148 286 274 274 278
Actual energy density (mAh/g) 130-140 100-120 200 135-140 190-210 155-165
Voltage (V) 3.2-3.7 3.8-3.9 3.4-4.3 3.6 2.5-4.1 3.0-4.5
Cyclability (times) over 6000 over 500 poor over 300 poor over 800
Transition metal Very rich Rich Rich Poor Rich Poor
Environmental friendliness Non-toxic Non-toxic Non-toxic Cobalt is radioactive Nickel is toxic Cobalt and nickel are toxic
Safety performance Good Good Good Poor Poor Fair
Applicable temperature() -20 to 75 over 50 fast decay High temperature instability -20 to 55 N/A -20 to 55
lithium off grid battery manufacturer

Lithium Solar Battery Manufacturer

Lithium solar batteries are a much more economical choice in the long term compared to other types of batteries, even though they carry a higher price. BSLBATT offers a broad portfolio of products for residential, commercial, and industrial energy storage, from 5 kWh – 100 kWh, low voltage to high voltage, grid-connected or off-grid, our Lithium-ion solar battery products and solutions are recognized for best-in-class performance, functionality, and reliability.