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Product Description

Reduce energy costs for your business

BSLBATT’s solutions are optimized for applications such as power cost reduction, peak load management, backup power systems, charging stations for new energy vehicles, and expansion of photovoltaic self-consumption.

Highly Integrated

System productization, integrated storage battery, PCS and power distribution, temperature control and fire protection, flooding door magnet, and monitoring and communication, comprehensive control of the system operation status and risk.

Flexible Paralleling

The virtual synchronization machine features patented technology, can realize more than one without a communication line long-distance free parallel, and off-grid switching function.

Excellent Protection

Patented outdoor cabinet protection design, optimized cooling air ducts, protection from dust and rain; front and rear doors open for maintenance, easy to site multiple systems side-by-side arrangement, reducing the footprint.

Functional Diversity

Standardized structural design, menu-type function configuration, for micro-grid and other scenarios optional PV charging module, switching module, industrial frequency transformer and other components, integrated optical storage integrated system cabinet.

Space Saving

The door-mounted embedded integrated air conditioner does not take up cabinet space, increasing the available space in the cabinet, with better structural integrity at the top and good waterproofing.

Intelligent Management

The local control panel can realize diversified functions such as system operation monitoring, energy management strategy formulation, and equipment remote upgrade.

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ESS-GRID Datasheet & Manual

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Air Cooling | Integrated Solution

Commercial Battery Storage for Indoor and Outdoor Use

BSLBATT offers LiFePO4 based commercial battery storage systems as an integrated solution including PCS, battery pack, high voltage control box, air conditioning system and fire protection system components. 

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