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BSLBATT Showcases HV Batteries for Commercial Energy Storage at Solar & Storage Live 2024

Solar Storage Live 2024

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solar storage LIVE

Solar & Storage Live Africa will be returning to Johannesburg from the 18th to the 20th of this month, and BSLBATT, as one of the major players in the South African renewable energy market, will not be missing out on Africa’s largest solar conference. The difference is that this time we will be bringing to the continent a new HV battery solution to help small manufacturing, commercial and agricultural businesses reduce their energy costs and get reliable power back-up during grid fluctuations.

Solar energy is growing by leaps and bounds in South Africa and across the continent, and with low carbon targets in place, more and more people are willing to join the industry and together contribute to the renewable energy transition. As a leading provider of lithium solar cells, BSLBATT has deployed over 90,000 batteries across the land, helping over 50,000 households move towards energy independence.

And as energy technology evolves, solutions for commercial and industrial energy storage are maturing. If you’ve made plans to attend Solar & Storage Live Africa, be sure to stop by our booth for the most advanced HV battery solutions for commercial and industrial energy storage. Below I will give you a preview of the products that BSLBATT will be exhibiting.



This is a very flexible HV battery solution for small scale commercial and industrial energy storage, which utilizes a two-tier architecture of control logic and can be flexibly scaled from 15kWh – 500kWh. In addition to this, the battery is designed in a compact 3U chassis for maximum capacity in minimum space.

Comparable to the Deye BOS-G-H series, the ESS-GRID HV PACK is available in 51.2V 135Ah per module, which is more cost-effective than the 51.2V 100Ah design. Solis and many other inverter brands with high voltage single-phase or three-phase inverters.

For more product information, please make an appointment with us at the show.

commercial battery storage 100kWh

Product 2: ESS-GRID B Series

The ESS-GRID B series is also used for commercial and industrial energy storage, but the ESS-GRID B series adopts a higher three-level control logic than the ESS-GRID HV PACK, which means that the ESS-GRID B series can accomplish more capacity expansion, up to 2MWh, but at the same time it loses its flexibility, you can only go from 69kWh, 105kWh, 129kWh, 158kWh, 170kWh and 224kWh.

The ESS-GRID B series is IP20-rated and suitable for indoor installations, and again, thanks to the modular design, the batteries can be installed quickly and in a short period. The system is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, and uses advanced software algorithms to optimize battery usage and ensure optimal performance.

200kWh Commercial battery storage

Product 3: ESS-GRID C215

This is the first integrated system solution for industrial and commercial energy storage launched by BSLBATT. It is a turnkey solution, which includes core equipment such as battery system, BMS system, EMS system, PCS, cooling system, power distribution system, fire protection system, etc., and it has the core advantages of high safety and high reliability.

The PCS is also composed of modules of equal power, including AC-AC, DC-DC, STS, which can be matched with different modules to fulfill off-grid, grid-connected, hybrid and other functions. If you don’t know how to match your energy needs, don’t be afraid, BSLBATT has many engineers with professional electrical knowledge who can match the perfect battery storage system for you according to your actual situation.

The ESS-GRID C215 energy storage system is designed with a movable cabinet for easy installation, transportation, maintenance and expansion. The system consists of high energy density, low cost, safe and non-polluting lithium iron phosphate battery cells, connected in a certain series-parallel way and equipped with an advanced battery management system. It is flexible and reliable, easy to expand and upgrade.

About Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024

Solar & Storage Live is Africa’s largest renewable energy exhibition, celebrating cutting-edge technologies that are transitioning to greener, smarter and more decentralized energy systems. Now in its 27th year, this important conference connects utilities, IPPs, governments, regulators, associations, solar distributors, installers, as well as manufacturers and consumers, providing an excellent networking platform for solar professionals. More than 40 countries are represented and more than 200 solar professionals will participate in on-site forums, presentations and networking sessions during the three-day event.


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