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10kWh IP65 battery

Home Battery Storage - LiFePO4 10kWh

Designed, manufactured and supplied entirely by BSLBATT, this domestic battery, which currently meets UL 1973 certification and has IEC 62619 and Australian CEC approvals in progress, is the perfect replacement for the Tesla Powerwall.

The 10kWh battery storage is a DC battery that can be used with either a hybrid or off-grid inverter to meet the customer’s energy needs, and the battery’s BMS includes more than 20 inverter communication protocols, giving installers a wide range of options.

Leading Battery Technology - LiFePO4 10kWh

The 10kWh home battery utilizes REPT’s Lithium Iron Phosphate as the storage core, an electrochemical technology that is more stable and environmentally friendly, and has a higher energy density, storing more energy in the same volume than lead-acid batteries. As technology advances and raw material costs fall, lithium iron phosphate becomes one of the more worthwhile investments and choices.


The built-in battery management system integrates with multilevel safety features including:

This high-performance BSLBATT 10kWh 48V Solar battery has a large power capacity, with fast charging and continuous discharge power, providing 98% efficiency.

Main Features of 10kWh Battery

Leading Manufacturer of Lithium Solar Batteries

Product Specification

Battery Model ECO 10.0 Plus
Usable Energy 10.24 kWh
Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
Standard Charge 80 A
Max. Charging Current 100 A
Installation Location Wall Mounted
Protection Level IP65
Cycle Life Over 6000 Cycles @80% DOD
Dimension (L x W x D) 762*518*148mm
Warranty 10 Years Warranty
Certification CE, IEC62619, UN38.3, UL1973, CEC

Datasheet & Manual Downloads

BSLBATT B-LFP48-200PW 10kWh Battery Datasheet & Manual

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UL 1973 | IP 65

LiFePO4 10kWh Battery Storage Wall Mounted IP65

Newly designed wall-mounted home battery, LiFePO4 10kWh battery storage system is used for peak shaving, reducing energy costs or replenishing in case of grid interruptions. The IP65 enclosure is designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation of solar energy systems.

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