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Benefits of doing your Off-Grid Photovoltaic projects with Victron Energy

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Discover the benefits of including photovoltaic equipment of the Victron Energy brand in your facilities, this brand is recognized due to.

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Currently, multiple energy projects have been presented for isolated scenarios where there is no access to the electricity grid. However, in the market there are a variety of brands that have both positive and negative characteristics; thanks to this many companies and installers have certain doubts when acquiring photovoltaic equipment. For this reason, we will tell you why choosing Victron Energy for your photovoltaic projects is the best option.

Victron Energy is a Dutch company recognized worldwide for its quality-price ratio in the market. It has a great reputation due to all the tools that facilitate the configuration, monitoring and efficiency of a solar energy system.

This brand has also become renowned for the various features such as:

Victron Energy has off-grid and hybrid inverters with different capacities and features, such as the Phoenix family, Multiplus, Quattro, among others, which makes it completely adaptable to any situation that is requested. All these inverters have a specific feature to stand out and be used in different types of installations. We will proceed to comment on some examples:

Victron Energy Phoenix:
This inverter is designed to power domestic systems with small loads, they come from 230-1200VA and also have a version ranging from 1200-5000VA.

Victron Energy Multiplus:
This inverter is designed to function as an inverter and at the same time as a battery charger, 2 in one. It also features pure sine wave, variable load and hybrid Power Assist technology. This equipment also has its Multiplus II variants, whose main differential is that an external current transformer can be added to connect a Power Control accessory and work with the Power Assist, for greater efficiency. Finally, we have its Multiplus II GX variant, which has added to its design an integrated network device, which improves communication with solar chargers, batteries and other devices of the photovoltaic system and can also be used as a three-phase inverter.

Victron Energy Quattro:
This family of inverters are like the Multiplus, an inverter and charger, also have a pure sine wave, variable load and Power Assist technology; in addition to having the possibility of connection with single-phase or three-phase systems, it is designed to work in industrial systems. It is also differentiated because it has 2 AC inputs and automatically connects to the active input. It also features pure sine wave, variable load and Power Assist technology. Its predecessor, the Quattro II, on the other hand, is an inverter more geared towards residential systems.

When it comes to charging controllers, Victron Energy does not stay, because as with inverters, it has equipment of different capacities for all the needs you may have to maintain control of the charge and discharge levels of the batteries, we will comment 2 of the most used:

Victron Energy Bluesolar PWM
This type of controller has a diode bridge operation, so the current can only pass in one direction, thus cutting the injection that would be done naturally at the time that the batteries reach their maximum charge capacity. This equipment does not have the capacity to vary the current, so it is limited to working with panels of 36 cells (12V) and panels of 72 cells (24V).

Victron Energy Smart solar MPPT
This controller is a little freer than its PWM variant, because it has MPPT technology, which translated would be Ultra Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking, which can ensure a correct energy storage. This controller can also be compatible with 60-cell panels and allows you to monitor the status of the batteries through the Victron Connect application. Finally, if the installation is connected to the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, you can access the full potential of the equipment.

Victron Energy has digital platforms and applications to be able to cope with the maintenance and installation experience in a simpler way already for some time, this was achieved with the implementation of:

Victron Remote Management: It is a service that is available to remotely control the brand equipment from anywhere, to check the status of the equipment installation, consumption, battery charge, etc..

VRM WORLD: It is a service within Victron Remote Management where you can see the operating systems of colleagues, customers and the world that have their installations published, in the same way you can show your installation to the world through this website.

Victron Connect: It is an application that allows you to review the system information and also configure the equipment from any laptop such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices.

Victron Professional: It is an online portal, exclusively for distributors and installers who work with Victron Energy equipment, here you will find from installation guide files to online training.

Victron Energy and Pylontech have a very efficient compatibility in the inverters that include a control and communication device of the GX family (eg: Venus, Cerbo or Color Control, etc.) along with a CAN BMS cable that is directed from the batteries to the same device.

In the following image you can see a general mapping of a Victron Energy system with Pylontech batteries:

Meet our success case in the Peruvian jungle, in which 15 Jinko solar photovoltaic modules of 405W, 3 PHI batteries of 3.8kWh, 1 Victron Energy Smart Solar 250v/100a controller, 1 Victron Energy Quattro inverter of 5kW and 1 Cerbo GX were installed. This system has an annual generation of 9.8MWh and achieved 4.58 tons of CO2 savings in the year.

If you want to know more you can review our success story by clicking on the following link:

We have been working hand in hand with Victron Energy since 2017, being one of the main officials and authorized distributors in Peru. So we can offer you benefits such as:

Updated Stock
Technical Support
Immediate warranties of up to 5 years for all Victron Energy equipment.
Logistic Capacity: Immediate Deliveries
Meet our the first digital platform exclusively for solar installers where you can:

Visualize the stock in real-time of equipment
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