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48 volt golf cart batteries

Using a LiFePO4 Battery for Your Electric Golf Cart

One of the key advantages of the LiFePO4 technology is its superior energy density, which enables it to pack more power into a smaller and lighter package. This means that you can enjoy longer run times and greater range with less weight and space taken up by the battery. Additionally, LiFePO4 batteries are known for their exceptional cycle life, with the ability to withstand hundreds or even thousands of charge cycles without significant degradation in performance.

Deep Cycle Lithium Golf Cart Battery

The 48V 134Ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery is also designed with safety in mind. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that can be prone to leaking and thermal runaway, LiFePO4 batteries are much more stable and resistant to temperature fluctuations. They also do not contain any toxic or hazardous materials, making them a safer and more eco-friendly option.

Installation and maintenance are a breeze with this golf cart battery. It comes equipped with easy-to-use connectors and can be easily installed into any golf cart that uses a 48V system. The battery also features a built-in battery management system (BMS) that monitors and regulates the battery’s performance to ensure optimal operation and prevent overcharging or over-discharging.

48v lithium golf cart battery

If you’re looking for a high-performance and durable deep cycle golf cart battery, the 48V 134Ah LiFePO4 battery is a perfect choice. With its advanced LiFePO4 technology, long-lasting power, and superior safety and performance, it’s the ultimate power source for your golf cart.

Main Features of B-LFP48-134GC

Best Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery Solution

Product Specification

Battery Model B-LFP48-130GC
Nominal Voltage 51.2v (Display voltage: 52.8v)
Nominal Capacity 130Ah
Usable Energy 6.861 KWh
Maximum Continuous Charging Current 60A
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current 150A
Battery System Weight 58KG
Protection Rating IP54
Cycle Life Over 3500 times
Dimension(WxDxH) 870*260*273(MM)
Calendar Life 12 Years

Datasheet & Manual Downloads

BSLBATT 48v 130ah lithium ion golf cart batteries Datasheet

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48V 130Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Introducing the ultimate power source for your golf cart – the 48V 130Ah LiFePO4 deep cycle golf cart battery. With its advanced LiFePO4 technology, this battery boasts exceptional performance and durability, making it the perfect choice for avid golfers and golf cart enthusiasts alike.

Designed specifically for deep cycle use, this 48V 130Ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery provides long-lasting power for all your golf cart needs. Whether you’re cruising through the greens or hitting the hills, this battery delivers reliable and consistent power for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

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