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The built-in battery management system integrates with multilevel safety features including:

The High voltage solar battery MatchBOX HVS utilizes BSLBATT’s self-developed BMS system, which can withstand high voltage ranges, has built-in WiFi and 4G functionality, and is compatible with a wide range of high voltage inverter brands such as Solis, Deye, Hypontech, Solplanet, SAJ, Solinteg, and many others.



MacthBox HVS has a modular design with a single 102.4V 52Ah battery, which can be expanded according to residential needs, plug and play, saving installation time.

For commercial applications, you can connect multiple MacthBox HVS in parallel to meet your capacity needs.

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Product Specification

Battery Model HVS-2 HVS-3 HVS-4 HVS-5 HVS-6 HVS-7
Usable Energy(kWh) 10.64 15.97 21.29 26.62 31.94 37.27
Nominal Voltage(V) 204.8V 307.2 409.6 512 614.4 716.8
Voltage Range(Vdc) 180-230V 268-350V 353-467V 448-584V 537-700V 627-817V
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 52 52 52 52 52 52
Pack Weight 123KG 169KG 215KG 261KG 307KG 353KG
Dimensions 598*400*515.5 598*400*483 598*400*850.5 598*400*1018 598*400*1185.5 598*400*1353

Datasheet & Manual Downloads

BSLBATT MatchBOX HVS Datasheet & Manual

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10.64 -37.27 kWh | High Voltage Battery

High Voltage Lithium Stackable Solar Battery 204.8V - 716.8V

MatchBOX HVS is a high voltage lithium stackable solar battery for residential energy storage, compatible with all high voltage three phase or single phase inverters, it consists of a control unit (with BMS) and 2-7 battery cells, each cell weighs 45kg, each control unit weighs 33kg, so two people can do all the installation work.

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