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How To Put Out A Solar Lithium Battery Fire?

put out lithium battery fire

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Home solar lithium batteries are becoming popular, and demand is rapidly increasing in various regions such as Europe, Australia, and South Africa. However, with the occurrence of multiple fires and explosions in LG batteries, the safety of solar lithium batteries has once again been brought into public view.

LG solar lithium battery fire

What Are The Hazards of Lithium Battery Fires?

  • Production of Toxic Gases

When a lithium battery catches fire, it can release toxic gases such as fluorides, hydrofluoric acids, and hydrogen cyanide. These gases can cause serious damage to the human respiratory and digestive systems.

  • Production of High-temperature

When a lithium battery burns, its external temperature can reach 800 degrees Celsius, and the internal temperature can even reach 1300 degrees Celsius. This high temperature can quickly spread and trigger thermal runaway in other nearby batteries.

  • Production of Strong Current

A lithium battery fire may be accompanied by the production of electrical arcs, further increasing the risk of fire and destructive power.

  • Difficulty in Extinguishing the Fire

Due to thermal runaway inside the lithium battery, conventional methods of firefighting are unable to effectively put out the fire, increasing the complexity and difficulty of firefighting.

  • Risk of Self-ignition or Explosion for A Long Time

Even if the flames are extinguished, the short-circuit reaction inside the battery may continue, posing a risk of self-ignition or even explosion over a long period.

How To Put Out A Solar Lithium Battery Fire?

When a solar lithium battery catches fire, there are many ways to put it out, and conventional operations generally follow these steps:

Cut off the power supply: The first step is to cut off the power supply to prevent the battery from continuing to supply power and intensify the fire.

Use a large amount of water for cooling: After a lithium battery catches fire, it will produce a large amount of heat. A large amount of water should be used for cooling. It is recommended to use water guns or firefighting water guns to spray water directly at the burning lithium battery.

Use water-based fire extinguishers: Water-based fire extinguishers can penetrate the inside of the lithium battery and quickly cool it down.

Use sand or wet towels for coverage: This can cut off the oxygen supply and prevent the further spread of the fire.

How Does BSLBATT Solve The Problem of Solar Lithium Battery Fires?

The battery accident at LG has served as an alarm for our team of engineers. We do not want customers using BSLBATT solar lithium batteries to be threatened by potential fires or explosions causing personal injury and property loss. Thus, after careful consideration by our team, we redesigned the internal parts of the battery and added a fire-extinguishing module – an aerosol fire-extinguishing system.

When the fire extinguishing system senses the presence of open flames, the chemical components inside the aerosol fire extinguishing agent will undergo a chemical reaction, generating a large amount of inert gases (such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide). These gases will quickly disperse in the protected area, reducing the concentration of oxygen in the protected area to below the flammability limit, thus extinguishing the fire and preventing the spread of the fire. The entire fire extinguishing process only lasts a few seconds and can perfectly prevent our solar lithium batteries from continuing to burn or explode.

View BSLBATT Solar Lithium Battery Fire Fighting Demo

Regardless of whether you purchase our solar lithium batteries for residential or commercial uses, you do not need to worry about the batteries catching fire or how to extinguish the flames of the lithium batteries. Our aerosol fire extinguishing system will take care of everything automatically for you, so you do not have to worry about any damage to your property.

In addition, the biggest difference between BSLBATT solar lithium batteries and LG chem lithium batteries is the electrochemical composition. BSLBATT uses LiFePO4 batteries with better thermal stability, while LG uses ternary lithium batteries. This chemical component decomposes at high temperatures of 250 to 300 degrees Celsius, and the chemical reaction of ternary lithium materials at high temperatures is severe, which can easily cause the electrolyte to burn or explode.

With the rapid development of the renewable energy industry and the ever-increasing demand for solar lithium batteries, the safety of lithium batteries will become increasingly important. Not only for BSLBATT, but every solar lithium battery manufacturer should put more effort into researching how to avoid any danger because consumers’ safety is paramount for us.


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